Chloe.ai Payment App- Setup guide for QuickBooks

  1. Install the Chloe.ai Payment app https://quickbooks.intuit.com/app/apps/appdetails/chloepayments/en-us
  2. Click on the “Learn More” Button
  3. Click on the “Try for free” Button
  4. Register for an account here: https://ps.chloe.ai/register/vendor
  5. Once you enable the app, click on the “platforms” menu option. Then click on the “Connect” button to connect Chloe with QuickBooks:
  6. Also, please note that you need to configure a payment gateway for production accounts.  The details are found in the “Payment Gateway” menu option of the Chloe webapp.  If the “Payment Gateway” setting for Stripe Connect or your own gateway is not configured, the user will receive an error on the  payment attempt.     
  7. Connect your account:
  8. Once it’s connected, obtain the URL for payments from the chloe webapp from the link below.
  9. Once you have the URL, add this URL to the QuickBooks email templates for invoices. Customizing invoice email template is explained here: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/global/manage-customers-and-income/customise-your-invoice-emails/00/382330  Once you add the url, all you have to do is send the invoice via email to the customer.  Instructions can also be found below.  Also, please note that if the URL is not pasted correctly, the form will not be generated and a 404 error will result.
    1. Click the Gear icon at the top right of the page in QuickBooks, then choose Account & Settings
    2. Go to Sales and then click Messages.
    3. Under the Sales form field, choose Invoice.
    4. Then, paste the link in the message template from Step 8 button with “copy payment link”
    5. Click Save, then Done.
  10. To send an email, create an invoice and click on the “Save and send”.  You will see a preview of the email.
  11. The customer will receive your invoice email along with the link. Once they click on the link, they will be presented with a form with invoice details and the preferred channel. Once the invoice is paid, the invoice status will be updated to Paid.