Custom Development Work

Does your firm do customization work?

Yes.  Please contact us for details.  dev@chloe.ai

Payments and currencies

Does your system work with Non-USD currencies?

Yes.  Here is a list of supported currencies:  https://stripe.com/docs/currencies

Do I need to sign up for a payment processor or a Stripe account?

No.  No need to sign up for a stripe account or payment processor.  You will need at least a checking account and register for stripe connect via our website.

Can we have a different payment processor other than stripe?

Yes, but we need details of the payment processor and there might be an additional cost to implement.

Do you accept ACH?

Yes, but it must be enabled for your account and requires customers to pre-register due to 5-7 day ACH processing delay.  We can discuss alternative options.

Do you accept international Credit cards?

Yes.  Stripe is our merchant processor so they provide credit cards accepted.

Do you accept american express and/or discover cards?

Yes.  Our payment flow also accounts for differences in CC numbers/security codes for each.

Can we have multiple currencies settled in different bank accounts based on that currency?

Yes, currencies can be deposited to different bank accounts.  Need to create and configure this on stripe connect and the chloe Webapp

Phone numbers

Do we get our own numbers?

You can use your existing phone number. It needs to be verified via the Chloe webapp.  If you need a separate phone number, please contact us at dev@chloe.ai

Do we need to pay for this number?

No.  However, if a customer calls that number, your regular phone charges will apply.

Can I get a non US number?

Yes.  You can verify your non US number to manage payments.   If you need a separate phone number, please contact us.


Can we use our own email and email domain as sender?

Yes.  Just need to verify email.  We can assist with this.

Can we customize the email body?

Yes.  This is customizable.  Currently this is the format:

Default subject: Payment request from <Company name> for <Customer name>
Dear <contact_first_name> <contact_last_name>,
<Company name> initiated a payment request for <opportunity ID or identifying ID>: <opportunity_id value>. The amount due for your transaction is {{flow.data.amount}} {{flow.data.currency}}.
Please use this link for online payment: <url for stripe charge>.
<Company name> .


How do I add discounts or change the amount to charge?

Need to add a discount to the oppty products or adjust price of product.  The field chosen for the payment charge cannot be changed directly.

Can customers receive confirmation emails after payment?

Yes, but this needs to be configured within Salesforce.  We could assist with this. Please contact us at sf at chloe.ai

We don’t want users to change Chloe payment fields after authorized payment, possible?

Yes, but this needs to be configured within salesforce.  We could assist with this. Please contact us sf at chloe.ai

We want to move the button or change fields displayed to users?

Please refer to chloe.ai/docs/salesforce for implementation instructions


How much does it cost?

The app integrations are 1.5% per successful transaction.  Authorized Credit card transactions are 2.9% + 50cents.  ACH is 0.8% plus 50 cents with a maximum fee of $5.50.

Are there volume discounts available?

Yes, please contact us to discuss.  Info@chloe.ai

Refunds, disbursements and disputes

How do we issue refunds?

Login to your stripe account to issue refunds.  If you do not have a stripe account, login to your chloe account to access the refund dashboard.

When are funds disbursed?

This depends on whether you choose same day disbursement which Stripe provides for a separate fee or if you accept standard disbursement which is 3-5 days.  Funds are disbursed as they arrive

How are disputes handled?

Connected accounts (vendor) are responsible for disputes and refunds.  Please refer to our terms of service agreement


What languages do you support?

Currently we support english and spanish. Please advise of other languages you might require and we can discuss implementation.  info@chloe.ai

Dynamics 365

Where will the option to initiate payment be available?

It will be available only on Opportunities page. User will need to configure it first from the configuration screen of the solution.

Can everyone access Configuration page?

No, only system administrator and system customizer can access it.

When user initiates payment, which contacts would be available in the dropdown?

All contacts of that account with phone number added will be available in the list. If a contact has three phone numbers added, all three numbers will be available in the list.

How can I access report?

Open the opportunity, and under run report option click on the report that is available. SSRS report will be available.

Will customers receive any emails after successful payment?

No, not right now but that can be configured.

Will the chloe.ai Payments section on opportunity form be directly available?

No, Admin will have to open the opportunity main form and make the section visible. By default, it is hidden for users.