Beta testing sites

How to use “Buy This”

Chloe will allow you to buy products with a one message reply.  First you must create an account and fill out the profile details.

There are two ways to use.  You can search for products by asking Chloe “show me ‘product’”. For example, “show me coffee machines”.  Chloe will show you two links to products.  Please note, that this service works with SMS on all devices.  Voice messages are enabled for android devices and Whatsapp only.  Voice messages via iOS are currently not supported.   If you want to buy one of the products, just reply “buy the first one” or “buy the second one”.  Here is a sample video:

Alternatively, you can find another product on the website and just tell Chloe to buy product from that URL.   Here is another example video with expedited flow: chloe video

Alternatively, you can go to one of the websites and choose a product to buy.  During the beta testing phase, you can test Chloe on the following websites.  Can message us with the product URL and we will complete the purchase on your behalf.